Posted on 22. Jan, 2013 by in Growth, Innovation, Leadership, Productivity

Biology is a long-standing fascination of mine, for many, many reasons. One such is evidenced by some photos here, which just left me dumbstruck—not an easy task, I assure you! As with all such things, it got me wondering about the application of such phenomena in personal and professional settings, thinking in terms of how […]

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Organic Connections

Posted on 24. Feb, 2012 by in Growth, Innovation

The Communications of the ACM (Vol. 54, No. 6, June 2011) had a fascinating article entitled, “Biology-Inspired Networking”, wherein the author described how a team at Carnegie Mellon University has developed a new networking algorithm.  Their approach is based on the observation that developing neural cells in fruit flies organize not just themselves, but also […]

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