We will begin by determining if we can work together.  Professional coaching lends itself well to working by phone, so if you’re not local to me, we’ll set up a phone call (I can call you on a landline or your cell phone, or we can use Skype, if that’s your preference) and just talk for a bit.  If, after this conversation, we decide that a productive relationship is possible, we’ll set up another call, during which we will discuss your goals, determine and establish the best communication styles and more, perhaps using several available assessment tools.

Thereafter, we’ll “meet” regularly, on a to-be-determined schedule.  Sessions generally last from 30 to 45 minutes, during which we’ll address your issues.  By “address,” I mean you’ll tell me what’s going on and how you react to things; I’ll listen very carefully, and occasionally ask pertinent, pointed questions.  These questions aren’t idle curiosity; rather, they are crafted to cause you to think—hard!—about why I asked them, and what you can do to adjust your behavior to address the issues that caused you to seek coaching in the first place.

We’ll monitor your responses and subsequent behavior through a reporting-back process, whereby we determine if the planned behavior changes are effective, and if not, why not.

The process will continue either (a) through the end of the earlier agreed-upon duration; (b) until you are satisfied that your professional coaching goals have been met; or (c) until you decide that the relationship is no longer effective.

I’m here to help.  You are in control.

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