• Helping you find your answers
  • Working together as a team
  • Organizing your pieces to the puzzle

Are you fully satisfied with the nature and quality of your work?

Are you fully engaged with your professional activities?

Are you convinced that you’re working at the peak of your capabilities?

If you answered "No!" to any one of these questions, then let me ask one more:

Are you willing to work—hard!—to improve your professional persona and work product?

If you answered “Yes!” to this question

Then you are a top candidate for professional-support coaching or mentoring services. Professional coaching is a goal-directed relationship geared toward perfecting your professional activities.

Here’s why you might want to work with me.

Note that at no time will we address why the issues are occurring; that’s not the province of coaching relationships. All we’re after is a change that will allow you to reach your goals. This can only happen if you are held accountable for your actions.  Part of my role is to work with you to keep yourself on track, through routine reporting and feedback.

Here’s how the process works.



As far back as my first undergraduate career, I've noted a desire and ability to work with people to help them bring forth the best of which they are capable.

I can help you by:

Providing goal-directed support.

Collaborating to foster effective situational awareness.

Asking the right questions to help get you moving.