Daily Battles

Mitch HobishGrowth, Innovation, Leadership, Productivity

I often come across words of wisdom, or guidelines to help get one through one’s life, or even just a day. Most are commonplace and obvious, but that doesn’t always disqualify them or their value. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and all that.

life_preserverSo, it was with some ennui that I accessed this blog post, only to find that I was in significant agreement with most of them.

I’ll not claim that this is an exhaustive list, but I quite liked the sentiment and rationale behind the choices, and wanted to share them with my loyal readership.

Questions: What do you choose to guide your behavior, daily? How about long-term? Do you live up to those guidelines? How do you feel if you don’t? What can you do to ensure that you cause most—if not all of them—to take place, every day?