Doing What’s Important

Mitch HobishGrowth, Productivity

Today’s gleaning of the news brought with it an item in the Houston Chronicle that pointed up a terrific way of thinking about past glories, recognition, and future endeavors.

Charles Bolden, the NASA Administrator, first chided the staff at Johnson Space Center and other citizens of Houston for their complaints about not having received one of the now-retired Space Shuttles, then exhorted them to “move on”.

He noted that while they do not have a Shuttle, they do control U.S. efforts in human space flight, and that that was the more important focus. As he said, “…if they would rather have a vehicle than running human space flight, then I can’t help them.”

Questions:  Do you do your job with an eye toward recognition? What drives you to do your best? Would you do your job—and do your best—without external recognition?