What Controls You?

Mitch HobishGrowth, Leadership, Productivity

Much as I am loath to admit it, I must acknowledge that I’m not always (or even usually) in conscious control of my own behavior. I strive to bring forth my best, but there are times when my response to a given situation just seems, well, over the top, and usually in a negative way. Other times, I find myself responding in a way that later causes me to ask, “Now, why did I do that?”

This observation, in concert with the holiday season, which is fraught with commercialism, led me to consider this article, wherein is described ways in which those who want us to buy, buy buy, subtly and often subliminally cause us to behave in ways of which we are not at all aware.

All of this got me wondering about what other ways my actions and decisions may be controlled by factors outside my conscious ones, and how my behavior might be different were I aware of them.

Questions: Do you know what causes you to behave in a given way in a given situation? Can you be sure that you are the driving force? How might you determine what other forces are at work? What might you do to shield yourself from such outside influences?