Messages Sent and Received–Or Not

Posted on 28. May, 2013 by in Growth, Innovation, Leadership, Productivity

Ever since my long-ago youth, I wondered how I could determine if what I described as, say, blue was the same thing that someone else described with the same word. Was it possible that despite our common-sense approach that said that we all were using the same terminology, we really weren’t communicating at all? This […]

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The Power of a Handshake

Posted on 30. Oct, 2012 by in Growth, Leadership, Productivity

When I was much, much younger—early teens, I believe—my father taught me what he considered the proper way to shake hands. Key to his technique was to grip my contact’s hand firmly, to look that person directly in the eye, and to say—with great confidence and enthusiasm—something pithy, like, “Nice to meet you!” I took […]

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Memories and (In)Accuracy

Posted on 03. Oct, 2012 by in Growth, Leadership, Productivity

About four or five years ago, I found myself issuing caveats to others when describing something I remembered—or thought I did. The caveat was usually along the lines of, “I think I remember”, or “I’m not sure if I remember this or just think I remember this.” Call it the onset of entropic consciousness, or […]

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Posted on 19. Sep, 2012 by in Growth, Innovation, Leadership, Productivity

At times unfortunately for those with whom I communicate by any of several channels, I tend to be something of a purist in things grammatical, punctuational, and just about every other kind of -al that might apply. I acknowledge that English (and particularly American English) is a living language, but I still insist (quixotically, at […]

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Did You Say What You Meant?

Posted on 01. Aug, 2012 by in Growth, Leadership, Productivity

The topic of an item I found today is interesting in its own right, but it was the shortened title of the material, provided by the editor of a summary newsletter, that caught my eye. “Modern culture began earlier than thought”, reads the headline—not too far removed from the title of the linked-to item, above. […]

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