Miscommunication Potential

Mitch HobishGrowth, Leadership, Productivity

As is often the case, I find things in my daily perusal of things technical items that can have wider implications.

Take this piece from the July 3, 2012 Wall Street Journal, which describes different approaches to using online communications channels, and the problems that result from the disparate styles and choices.

I pride myself on my ability to communicate. Whether by written word in several media or spoken, I take the time to formulate my statements, partake of spirited but informed conversation, and just generally try (usually successfully) to make my points, and elicit or solicit information from others.

And yet, there are times I find that whatever I’m doing just isn’t working. Depending on the circumstance and my relationship with the person with whom I’m trying to communicate, I’ll call a time-out, and suggest that we figure out where the miscommunication is coming from, with an eye toward getting back on track.

It doesn’t always work. There are times when it’s seemingly impossible to effect an efficient and effective transfer of information, and I can’t always figure out why.


Questions: How good are you at communicating with others? Do you know why that is so? Have you ever examined what you could do differently to either make a good channel clearer, or a bad channel clear? What are the effects of your communication style(s)?