Forest for the Trees

Posted on 05. Mar, 2013 by in Growth, Innovation, Leadership, Productivity

I love numbers—for various reasons. Most germane to this post is that I think that finding numerical patterns makes me feel like I have some control over things, although—to be sure!—such an approach is illusory at best, and misleading, at worst. Nonetheless, finding real or apparent numerical relationships in the Universe is interesting and comforting. […]

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Should It Be Done?

Posted on 06. Dec, 2012 by in Growth, Innovation, Leadership, Productivity

If you’ve been following these posts, you know I’m a technophile. Over time, I’ve become interested in technological utility in addition to loving technology for its own sake. That’s why when I found this, describing the provision of information from a car’s computer onto the windshield, I found myself stopped. I faced a conundrum: While […]

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More Signal, Less Noise

Posted on 09. Nov, 2012 by in Growth, Innovation, Leadership, Productivity

News this week included a report that planet-searchers have found a “super-Earth” orbiting a star just 42 light years from “regular “(but still impressive) Earth. [Given that distance, Bob Murphy, a colleague and friend, has suggested that we name the planet “Douglas Adams”, author of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, in which that number has […]

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The Power of a Handshake

Posted on 30. Oct, 2012 by in Growth, Leadership, Productivity

When I was much, much younger—early teens, I believe—my father taught me what he considered the proper way to shake hands. Key to his technique was to grip my contact’s hand firmly, to look that person directly in the eye, and to say—with great confidence and enthusiasm—something pithy, like, “Nice to meet you!” I took […]

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Another “Giant Leap…”

Posted on 18. Oct, 2012 by in Growth, Innovation, Leadership, Productivity

Felix Baumgartner’s October 14, 2012 leap of faith from 128,000 feet above the Earth is already history, but I’m moved to comment on it from several perspectives. I had followed his odyssey from its inception, when I originally thought that it was simply a stunt to advertise the sponsoring organization, Red Bull. OK, it was […]

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