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Biology is a long-standing fascination of mine, for many, many reasons.

green_lizardOne such is evidenced by some photos here, which just left me dumbstruck—not an easy task, I assure you!

As with all such things, it got me wondering about the application of such phenomena in personal and professional settings, thinking in terms of how things are either hiding in plain sight, or so blended with the background or environment generally that they’re essentially invisible.

Questions: How alert are you to “things hiding in plain sight”? How can you be sure that you’re seeing the entirety of a picture when looking at anything?What might you do differently, if you were able to see everything that was actually present? How do you fool yourself into thinking that everything you see is everything that’s there? What can you do to ensure that such a misrepresentation doesn’t have deleterious effects on your actions or decisions?