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Biology continues at the forefront today, with a recent report that dung beetles use the Milky Way to navigate.


dung_beetleThe experiment done to determine this connection was rather elegant; I’ll leave it to the reader to find out about that by visiting the link, above.

For the purposes of this post, never mind that I never would connect an off-putting name like “dung beetle” with such an awesome expanse as the Milky Way. It’s more that I never would have thought that such a humble creature would have the wherewithal to guide its way using something as, well, galactic as our home galaxy to find its path to a desired location.

Such a finding—as is often the case with me—put me in mind of how best to generalize the phenomenon, and find applications to daily human activities. Such connection is implicit in the questions that follow.

Questions: How do you find your way through your daily activities, no matter how humble or important? Can you trust you roadmap or markers? How do you know when you’re on or off course? How do you compensate when you find that you’ve strayed?