The Kick-off Pep Talk

Mitch HobishGrowth, Innovation, Leadership, Productivity

This is a new entry into the blogosphere.  I’ve had a lot to say for a long time, but no forum in which to say it.  Owing to my having added a new suite of activities to my professional repertoire, I now find it not just desirable, but necessary to create my own forum; hence, this blog.

In it, I plan to draw on recent events–largely technical and scientific, but also based generally on professional and personal stimuli–to provide a framework for thoughts, meanderings, and commentary about excellence in professional activities.  Occasionally, there may be an entry just because I feel like it.

You’ll quickly note that comments are not enabled.  As a professional coach, I’ve been trained to ask questions, and to let those with whom I’m working provide the answers for themselves–brought up from within–rather than as a result of conversation or consultation with others.  So, each blog entry will end with one or more pertinent question(s) that I hope you will consider very carefully and see where your answer(s) lead you.  Potentially, such answers could be of some or significant use to you in your professional endeavors.

So, please join me on this voyage of discovery, as we explore what it means to do one’s best–and thensome–not only under adverse conditions, but under all conditions and at all times.

Excellence, or perhaps, the pursuit of excellence, can be a terrific way to spend one’s time, and the rewards are manifold.